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Andrea Brenes Illustrator
I’m a good dancer and a bad singer
I love dragons… as long they don’t eat cats
I believe in humans rights… also in animals rights
I’ve lived in 4 different countries… I’m not afraid of challenges
“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching” I couldn’t find who said this, but probably a very wise person

What are you looking for?

me?…!…? how about an Illustrator to bring your message out to the world with an individualized and strong visual language!

Thats me ! I’m an illustrator and visual artist based in Germany since 2011. I work as a Freelancer – by myself, or in cooperation with a Team.

Definition, creation, feedback, and delivery. Due to my more than 15 years of experiance as as a graphic designer and a web designer I’m familiar with the creative workflow and processes that turn ideas into clear information.

I do Paper and pencil, but also Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate, AfterEffects, JavaScript, CSS, html. I have a degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from the University of Costa Rica (my homeland ♡). I have worked in a comprehensive range of Projects.

Illustrations for print and digital media, infographics, museum exhibits, installation, editorial illustration… How can I help you?

In my spare time I enjoy running, dancing, discovering nature, playing and listening to music; also learning or trying new things.

I would love to hear about you, your ideas and projects!

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... I’m a very friendly person

Andrea Brenes

+49 152 3350 7727

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